Last update: 14.005.2015

We are back home from our 4 month trip to South America. We went down the Carreterra Austra and crossed fireland to reach ushuaia, the most southern pooint of the world.

In the second part we crossed the Uyuni salt flat and discovered the beauty of the lagoons in the Altiplano at an elevation of around 4,500 m above sea level. We also tried to cycle up the 6,010 m high vulcano Uturuncu. See how high we got.

Last but not leaset we crossed Colombia and relaxed in the Caribbean where we also got some nice under water pictures.

We hope you enjoy the show.


This is the webesite of two cyclists who are infected with the travel virus since many years. Since almost four years we are jointly trying to cope with it. We've lost all hope for the miracle of total recovering anymore, but to us it seems easier to carry this fate together.

In 2006 our firts trip together took us to Gambia and Senegal. Of course by bike. Since then we visited the Philipines, Central America with Belize, Guatemala and Honduras, Madagascar and last but not least Venezuela.

We also survived a safari in Africa, where we spent three weeks togehter in a car, without any visible damage.

During another journey we cycled more then 2000km in Venezuela and went all the way up to the Pico el Aguila, the highest road in Venezuela with 4007m above sea level. Here we saw many caymans, snakes and bird and also the rare river dolphins.

But our highlight so far was Madagascar. In this country you feel like an adventurer from past centuries, fighting our way through almost unseen landscapes. Have a look yourself and you'll know what I mean.

This site is not meant to give travel advice or official information about a country. Even when ther is a small hint every now and then. It's purely meant to entertain you and to share some impressions and experiences with people who are interested and who share our fascination for other countries and cultures.

When we plan a trip we hardly know more then the name of the airport where we willl arrive. We have a map and some more or less rough imagination about how it might be. And sometimes an idea about the route to go. The rest is adventure. In Madagascar the so called "Route Nacional" was a great deal just some old tire track in the dust and we are still surprised, that we arrived back at the airport on time.

But hey, this is the way we enjoy it and the fascination has not faded a bit so far.

We hope we can carry some of our impressions into your house or office or whereever you are right now. If you like it, we are happy to receive your comments. Also suggestions are appreciated.

With best regards from Minden
Herzliche Grüße aus Minden

Iris & Norbert

Namibia November 2008

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we are on the road again and will challenge our bikes as well as ourselves with some spectacular destinations across South America

Madagaska Mai 2008

Venezuela 2008/2009
Caimans, mountains and river dolphins are only some of the highlights during our trip to Venezuela, where we covered more than 2000km by bike within 3 weeks (Dezember 2008 - Januar 2009)